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Environmental Source Samplers, Inc. (ESS) provides a variety of air quality testing and environmental consulting services. ESS has extensive experience with air quality regulations and emission source test procedures throughout North America and abroad. Since its inception, ESS has conducted thousands of air emission tests and provided countless hours of environmental engineering services over a broad range of industries in need of air testing.

ESS is committed to providing our clients with superior stack testing and air emission testing services through strict adherence to proven EPA, CARB, ASTM, OSHA, and NIOSH test methods. ESS assists with formulating test protocols, often negotiating with the EPA to achieve more reasonable and/or realistic testing requirements.

ESS is dedicated to the success and satisfaction of our clients. We feel that communication is key to a successful project. Prior to the start of any project, our environmental consulting staff discusses the project in detail with the client. Every effort is made to ensure our clients understand and are comfortable with the scope of work, methodology, and testing types being utilized. ESS also takes the time to fully understand the reasoning behind the project. We make sure to communicate with our clients to avoid problems and unexpected delays later on. The end result is a satisfied client and a completed project with accurate and consistent results.

ESS realizes how essential customer satisfaction is to our continued success. As a small environmental consulting company, we are streamlined and better able to meet our client’s ultimate goals of performance and price. ESS is a leader in the air testing industry due to our extensive experience, knowledge, competitive pricing, scope of services and technical capabilities.


To be a high quality provider of emissions sampling and stack-testing services to our clients nationally and internationally, with a focused commitment on integrity, excellence, and customer service.

Through continued investment in facilities, equipment, continuing education and personnel, ESS provides a broad range of services to meet our clients’ varying needs.


  • Rapid response and mobilization
  • High quality customer service
  • Rigorous attention to detail
  • Rapid turn-around-times on reports and analytical data
  • Uncompromising integrity and confidentiality
  • Flexibility
  • Employee empowerment and accountability

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