February 07, 2018

EPA Issues New Emissions Factors for Enclosed Ground Flares

On February 5, 2018, EPA completed its review of the emissions factor for volatile organic compounds (VOC) for flares at natural gas production sites pursuant to section 130 of the Clean Air Act.

EPA evaluated test data available to the Agency for elevated and enclosed ground flares from natural gas production sites.  The agency’s review of available flare data did not result in a revision to this VOC factor, which remains available for estimating VOC emissions from elevated flares at natural gas production sites. 

EPA has developed two new THC emissions factors for enclosed ground flares at natural gas production sites.  The EPA recommends the use of the new THC emissions factors to estimate VOC emissions for enclosed ground flares with the SCCs specified in Table 1, as this new emissions factor is based on field data from similar units.  Additionally, EPA has developed four new THC emissions factor for enclosed ground flares at certain chemical manufacturing processes.

Additional information about the review of the factor is below.

Additional Documents

Review and Analysis of Emissions Test Reports for Purposes of Reviewing the Natural Gas Production Flares Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions Factor Under Clean Air Act Section 130 - February 2018 (PDF 622K).

EPA has finalized AP-42 Section 13.5 to incorporate the new factors. Section 13.5 can be accessed at the following link:

AP-42 Chapter 13: Miscellaneous Sources Section 13.5 Industrial Flares

Fact Sheet Summarizing the February 5, 2018 Action (PDF 365K)

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