Accurate, ReliableTest Reports

ESS provides accurate and reliable source testing reports that include the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Summary of results
  • Process description and operation
  • Sample point locations
  • Field and analytical procedures
  • Field data sheets
  • Calculations
  • Operational data
  • Laboratory data
  • Calibration data

Reports can be uploaded to our client portal. Upon receipt of a confidential username and password, you can then upload your report at your convenience and get updates on the progress of those reports.

ESS has the ability to provide data in many standard electronic formats as required by our client. Specific to RATAs, ESS provides all clients with flow data input into FlowCalc©. The data files can be downloaded directly into the EDR format, as required for Part 75 facilities. ESS can complete all EDR and electronic formats for the Acid Rain Program and Subpart H reporting.

Contact ESS to learn more about our source test reporting services: 888-363-0039

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