Ambient Air Testing

ESS has conducted numerous emissions testing programs for ambient levels of many of the compounds cited above in the Source Emissions Testing. Studies have been conducted for baseline purposes, general air quality inventories, and worker and public safety.

Frequently the ambient studies are long term projects, which may include providing a climate controlled shelter, meteorological station, power, and regular maintenance and equipment calibration and/or recovery.

ESS provides clients with ambient level analyzers and sampling equipment that will measure many pollutants down to the part per billion ranges. Depending on the remote nature of the project, ESS can provide for access to data on a nearly “real-time” basis from the client office. Additionally, ESS provides all maintenance and project oversight, as required.

Maximizing data collection is critical to any ambient air study. ESS ensures project success by sourcing and recommending the ambient analyzers and sampling equipment, directing clients to the most appropriate data acquisition, providing recommendations for climate controlled enclosures, and providing skilled and experienced technicians and project leads.

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