Convenient On Site Laboratory

The ESS On-Site Laboratory is roughly 500 square feet and was designed specifically to meet the present and future needs of our clients.  While the majority of our samples are analyzed off-site at specialty laboratories, we are able to perform most gravimetric and titrametric analyses.

In 2010 ESS received VELAP accreditation on the following methods:

FPM  Analyses by Method 5, 5a, 5b, 17
TRS Titrations by Method 16A
SO2 Titrations by Method 6C
H2S Titrations by Method 11 (typically conducted on client sites)
H2SO4 and SO2 (and SO3) Titrations by Method 8

Laboratory Safety Measures

The lab is equipped with redundant safety features and protective equipment, which includes fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fume hoods, eye wash station, safety glass boxes, varying styles of protective gloves, laboratory aprons and coats, first aid kit, and spill cleanup kit.  Each employee is familiar with the location, use, and capabilities of the safety and protective equipment.

On-site Wind Tunnel

ESS utilizes an on-site wind tunnel for the verification of pitot tube coefficients (Cp).  The wind tunnel allows Cp verification at multiple flow rates and allows ESS to screen pitot tubes for accuracy, repair, or modification.

Contact ESS to learn more about their on-site laboratory and services: 888-363-0039

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