EPA Brownfield Area Reconnaissance and Receptor Surveying

The term Brownfield is used to describe abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and commercial property that has been taken out of productive use as a result of actual or perceived risks from environmental contamination.

ESS has assisted many developers with thorough investigations of potential Brownfield properties.  The potential risk of liability under federal and state hazardous substance cleanup and other environmental laws makes it essential to conduct some type of environmental investigation of the property at issue. 

A Phase I environmental site assessment is generally undertaken to determine the presence of potential contamination.  If actual or potential contamination is discovered, a more extensive Phase II environmental site assessment, possibly including groundwater and soil sampling, may be required to identify and determine the extent of any contamination.

If the Phase II assessment discovers the need for environmental cleanup, ESS can assist with an environmental risk assessment of the property.  An environmental risk assessment provides a scientific methodology for defining acceptable risk-based cleanup levels by weighing the costs and feasibility of various cleanup options against the health and environmental risks posed by different cleanup levels at a given site.

Risk assessments have now become well-established mechanisms for deriving less stringent, site-specific cleanup criteria.  When these criteria have been met, ESS works with environmental regulatory agencies who may grant a limited waiver of liability, freeing the property owner, prospective purchaser, lender, or a third party from further enforcement action and waiving administrative penalties for property owners and operators.

Throughout the process, ESS assists both the developer and the surrounding community to ensure that the most financially feasible and environmentally sound solutions are achieved.

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